Ways to Achieve Thicker and Longer Eyelashes

enticing eyelashesThe strands of hair that grow on the edge of the eyelids are referred to as eyelashes. Protecting the eyes from the eyes from the foreign elements are their primary function. Likewise, they also act similarly to that of a cat’s whiskers; signaling that an object is about to enter the eyes.

What Women Do to Have Thick and Long Eyelashes

In many cultures and societies, having long and thick eyelashes is a symbol of beauty. In the past, a black putty called Kohl were used by women to protect their eyelashes. Royal Egyptians also used the same putty to have their eyelashes and eyes protected from the harsh elements. Times may have changed, but women are still willing to go great lengths just to achieve beautiful eyelashes and have them protected as well. This is the reason why more and more women have resorted to the various means to have long eyelashes. The following are the most common ways women employ in order to have longer eyelashes:

  1. Woman applying mascara on her eyelashes - macro shotUse mascara. It is almost impossible for any woman to leave her house without putting mascara on her eyelashes. This cosmetic is, without question, one of the daily staples of women. Mascara thickens the eyelashes and curls them, too, making the eyes more prominent.
  2. False eyelashes. While it is true that the use of false eyelashes was only limited to women attending special events or joining beauty pageants in the past, the same thing cannot be said to the present-day false eyelashes. These days, false eyelashes are far more realistic looking than how they were in the past. They can even be trimmed to perfectly fit your eyelids.
  3. Eyelash extensions. There is no questioning that the use of false eyelashes is most common to women these days who want to have longer and thicker eyelashes. As compared to false eyelashes, eyelash extensions are much more realistic looking. Furthermore, they are more long-lasting although you need to go to the salon every 3 weeks for its maintenance.
  4. Eyelash Transplant. However, for women who want to have long permanent eyelashes, the best solution they can resort to eyelash transplant. The procedure is similar with that of hair transplant, wherein the strands of hair are transplanted to the edges of the eyelids and are expected to grow naturally.
  5. Eyelash growth solutions. The number of women turning to eyelash growth solutions that prompt the growth of thicker and longer eyelashes is on the constant rise. For instance, Idol Lash is one brand approved by FDA proven to deliver such results and proven for years, but it has already gathered a throng of patrons. Unlike mascara, eyelash growth enhancer is not only for aesthetic purposes. Its effects are permanent since eyelashes naturally thicken and lengthen if it is used religiously.

Simple Ways that Can Help You Achieve Long Eyelashes

While it is true that the above-discussed procedures and products can do the trick in giving you thicker and longer eyelashes, some of them come with a high price tag. This doesn’t mean, though, that you will just be content with having thin and short eyelashes if you don’t have some cash sitting around; there are many simple ways and solutions that you can resort to in order for you to have eyelashes that really impress:

castor oil 21. Apply Castor Oil. Castor oil may be a simple organic oil, but, without question, using it is one of the best things that you can do to thicken and improve the length of your eyelashes at a faster rate. This procedure may leave you feeling uncomfortable as the areas around your eyes may feel a little sticky and greasy, but it’s definitely worth it. In order to avoid the mess when you are at work or outside the house, make sure that you do this eyelash-enhancing procedure at night before you go to bed. What you have to do is just apply the oil to your eyelash the way you apply mascara to it. But, do you know that castor oil is not only good for making your eyelashes grow longer and thicker? It can also be used to make your lips softer.

2. Use Vitamin E Topically. It has been a long known fact that Vitamin E, otherwise known as the beauty vitamin, is good for treating various skin blemishes, including cuts and burns. But, this vitamin can also be used to make your eyelashes grow longer. What you need to do is just prick the softgel capsule of Vitamin E, and with the use of cotton buds, apply the Vitamin E to your eyelids and eyelashes in a manner of putting mascara on it. When the skin of your eyelid is properly nourished, you can expect your eyelashes to grow longer and thicker.

3. Green Tea. For the past decade or so, more and more people drink green tea to detoxify their bodies. But, do you know that green tea is not only a good beverage but can also aid in the growth of thicker and longer eyelashes, too? This is because the flavonoids and caffeine present in green tea can stimulate hair growth as well. So, the next time you drink green tea, don’t throw the tea bag away after the tea has seeped through. You can massage the tea bag to your eyelids or squeeze it, dip a cotton ball to the liquid, and apply it to your eyelids.

aloe vera on eyelash4. Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is one of the many plants that have medicinal wonder. You can use this plant to heal your wounds, burns, and cuts. Many balding people also resort to Aloe Vera to make their hair grow thicker. If it can make the hair on the head grow longer and thicker, there is no reason that it cannot do the same thing to your eyelashes.

Without question, thicker and longer eyelashes can contribute to highlighting the beauty of a woman as they make the eyes more prominent. The good thing is that, in the event that your eyelashes are short and thin, you don’t need to spend a fortune to enhance them.